The Clockwork Breakup

For those of you who haven’t read or seen The Clockwork Orange: here’s what I’m referencing.

Clockwork Breakup

Reject me, will you? Well if I’m repulsed by you,
I’ll be repulsed by you in every other way:
I’ll think of you when coupled with the worst abuse,
And so, Ludovico your every memory away:

When I’m hungover from a wild night,
I’ll view your pictures with my throbbing head,
And when I think of that drunken barfight,
I’ll think those fists looked like your face instead,

And when I get another blackened eye
If one more husband finds me in his home,
You’ll come to mind beside my bruising side
And broken thigh and tired, tender stones.

Reject me will you? If you knew my plan,
You would regret you ever dumped this man!


The Actress Complains

You’ve said he’s undeserving and obtuse,
A social stick you never want to see,
He’s unreliable (save for abuse),
And always drains the room of energy;

Like how, as you explained to me before,
He shows up late for warm-up every time,
And when he does, he always looks so bored
Indifference which is a personal crime–

And how you caught him staring at your chest
(Not even through the corner of his eye)
And then you heard him mumbling “nice breasts,”
Oh what a wretched man–you could just die!

“I want nothing to do with him,” you shout,
But lately he’s been all you’ve talked about.

~Michael Danger Caskey

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I’ve Noticed Catholic Prayers Ask for Mercy, Never Justice

On the Killing of War Criminals

Do not look for justice while calling for blood,
Descendant of Noah, born after the flood,
But if you continue, be sure to beware:
While some sinners Mercy may morally spare,
The scales of Justice are mortally fair,
And killers are all made to pay in despair.
So take up the mantles of Judge and Police,
Tipping the scales to favor the weak,
And meting out justice with swings of the blade—
Beware, oh beware! For these dead have their graves
On the opposite scale from where you have stayed,
Proclaiming that you will see Justice is made;
But what you don’t see are the corpses below,
Pushing you up as the body count grows,
And people below have their own fatal call,
That Justice be done and the wicked must fall,
So climbing the fallen they reach for the tall,
Hoping that your corpses may balance all:
For any who take the sword die by the sword—
This is your Justice—reap the reward!

~Michael Danger Caskey

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