Mind the Gap

I must say, I’m becoming quite fond of the Shakespearean sonnet. Not half so fond of them as to start naming poems “Sonnet [insert number],” though; Shakespeare himself could have done with some originality in that department. Anyway, this poem is inspired by an ad in the London Underground. Truth be told, the best material seems to come from the public transit system here. It’s like the melting pot of humanity, complete with British sensibilities and stiff upper lips. Which brings me to my next point, the poem…

Mind the Gap

This poster-child at the Underground
Whose picture posed across the station stop,
Whose smile declared more ways to spend your pound
(And save!), seemed like the child of Photoshop,

For every part of him had been distilled
From fruits of the Anglo-Saxon tree:
His hair, his eyes, his color, chin, and build
All screamed the best of British dynasty,

And yet, around me, noises filled the air
Of screaming children next to chiding tones,
Collaging  jokes and laughter met in pairs,
And people talking into open phones;

And yet, of all the things I overheard,
“Please mind the gap” were all the English words.

~Michael Danger Caskey