£3.50 More

I overheard them talking at the pub:
Two working men who sat down at the bar,
Pulled out their pocket-change and ticket-stubs,
And ordered for a pint of something hard.

“I read they’re taking out our pensions now,”
The first one told the second with a sip,
“They’d take the very air if they knew how,”
The second person answered with a quip,

“It really costs too much to live these days,
Without more taxes for the government:
They’re raising eight pounds more per year, they say.”
“The nerve!” said one, who saw his pint was spent;

He found his wallet, paid £3.50 more,
And asked the barback for another pour.

~Michael Danger Caskey

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Overheard on Bus 10 to King’s Cross

“She’s like, my friend, but like, I just don’t know:
You know how there’s a reason that you’re friends
With anyone that makes you want to go
Wherever doing whatever with them?

“Well now (and I feel awful saying this),
I’m not, like, getting anything from her,
You know? Yeah no, but really, I just wish
I got some sort of insight or whatever

“When I hang with her. I just don’t get that,
And so I think I shouldn’t anymore;
Besides, sometimes she’s like, a total twat,
You know–she’s been that way since we were four.”

So someone said, not word-for-word as such,
But she said just as little with as much.

~Michael Danger Caskey

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