Kisses on the Rhine

I sometimes miss those kisses on the Rhine,
The Europe trips, our sips of corkless wine,
And penny-flips, with which you’d slap your wrist,
Hand over fist, and say “guess which it is!”

I miss those laughs you used to gasp, the croaks
I used to call them, giggles caught in chokes;
You’d flash your teeth, though not quite perfect white,
All mostly straight, save that one to the right.

I miss those nights we’d share, the sights we’d see,
But never you, yourself, dear Charity:
It seems sometime while lost on memory lane,
You slipped away, were never seen again,

But you were present there much more, before,
When reminiscent missing still felt sore,
And present-me would drag behind the past
To ask what part about it couldn’t last,

Though not so now; it’s turned periphery,
Like so much else I’ve lost to memory.
I sometimes wonder if you think of me
Those times I almost think of you.

~Michael Danger Caskey

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The Clockwork Breakup

For those of you who haven’t read or seen The Clockwork Orange: here’s what I’m referencing.

Clockwork Breakup

Reject me, will you? Well if I’m repulsed by you,
I’ll be repulsed by you in every other way:
I’ll think of you when coupled with the worst abuse,
And so, Ludovico your every memory away:

When I’m hungover from a wild night,
I’ll view your pictures with my throbbing head,
And when I think of that drunken barfight,
I’ll think those fists looked like your face instead,

And when I get another blackened eye
If one more husband finds me in his home,
You’ll come to mind beside my bruising side
And broken thigh and tired, tender stones.

Reject me will you? If you knew my plan,
You would regret you ever dumped this man!