The Dream

The Dream

Last night I had the strangest dream
I couldn’t understand:
I dreamt I was a butterfly
Who dreamed he was a man,
So I thought I had insect legs
When they were human hands.

And when I went to spread my wings
Of yellow, red, and brown,
With veins of black outlined by white
In ways that would astound,
I found them cut by shoulderblades,
Which pinned me to the ground.

And when I looked for nectar by
The flower’s sweetest stink,
I raised it to my mouth, but found
My lips unfit to drink;
I had to drink the nectar of
The copper kitchen sink.

But when I found myself awake
And lying in the dark
With both eyes open, moving with
My startled, fluttering heart,
I vaguely saw my human hands,
But looked for insect parts.

~Michael Danger Caskey

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